Linocut is a relief printing technique similar in approach to the more traditional woodcut, but with a different surface texture and without the difficulties (or particular characteristics) posed by working with the foibles of wood-grain.  Although we still use the term ‘lino’cut, we in fact more often use a synthetic polymer block these days which is rather easier to cut and which also has the advantage of being double-sided.

Initially we will introduce simple linocut using a single colour print using line, hatching etc to produce strong graphic images.  The key thing to remember when creating a lino plate for print-making is that what you cut will reveal the paper and what you do not cut will print the ink.

We progress to combining simple linocut with monoprint and on to more complex ‘reduction’ linocut.  The reduction technique is a process which sounds complicated in the explanation but which is actually quite simple:  a single piece of lino is cut in stages, allowing printing and over-printing different colours layer-on-layer.

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