Monotype is more an approach than a technique.  While we generally think of print-making as being about the preparation of a plate (or stencil) from which multiple prints (or editions) can be produced, monotypes are each unique – images may be closely related in some cases, but editioning is not possible.

Monotype is perhaps the most painterly of approaches to print-making  allowing a wide variety of mark-making and creative exploration.  It is a great introduction to print-making for those who have not tried it before, as exciting and colourful prints can be quickly made.  A playful and spontaneous approach with much scope for experiment and free expression, but also, with experience comes control and greater predictability so that multi-layered and thoughtful work can be produced.

Please browse and enjoy the photo-montage gallery below of some monotype prints produced by students at Seymour Road Studios art classes.

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