Simple Relief Collograph

Collograph = (sometimes spelt ‘collagraph’) comes from the Greek word kollo (also kolla) meaning glue, gum, stick, and the word graph, meaning  the activity of drawing.  A collograph is a process of creating images from plates made from materials which can be cut and glued together.

Relief print-making = the impression is taken from ink applied to a raised or relief surface.  This may be achieved by cutting away areas leaving a printable raised surface such as is found in block printing, lino-cut, wood-cut etc.

In the case of Simple Relief Collograph, however, the relief or raised surface is achieved by building up layers rather than cutting away.  We largely focus on simple collage-based techniques building up our surface with layers of card and other materials.  Definition of the image is derived primarily from the ‘edges’ of each layer where you will notice a characteristic halo effect (some of our students call this the ‘ReadyBrek glow’!) around the features.  Further detail can be achieved by indenting finer lines into the plate using a pointed tool such as a biro.

Being made from card which is simple to work with, we have run workshops using this techniques with primary age children, yet the technique is versatile enough that quite sophisticatic images can be produced, making it equally suitable for art practitioners and other adults.

Plates are not durable for producing large editions, but a good number of repeats and variants can be achieved – with care, plates may last to produce more than a dozen impressions.

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