Perfectly Pinched

Date:  Saturday 6th October 2012
TIMES: 10am-4pm (with a break for lunch).

A day focussing on learning and perfecting the skills of pinch pot making – beautiful organic shapes inspired by seed heads, corms and fruits.

Making pinch pots (also known as thumb pots) is one of the simplest techniques in the range of pottery making skills – by which I mean that it is uncomplicated and direct, essentially needing no tools but your hands, but like many simple techniques, it requires focus and practice to master it.

Fran will take you step by step through the process and will help you to make a number of both single and joined pinch pots and to begin to understand how to control and refine your pots.  Like all our one-day workshops, this class is suitable for beginners as well as more practised makers.

PRICE: £55 per person per day (all basic materials and processes included except where specified)  NB There is a £5 discount for any individual booking two days on the same weekend (See our One-day & weekend Classes page for details of our other classes.)

 A biscuit firing is included in the price and usually takes place within 2-3 weeks of your class.

If you would like to book extra time to glaze your work at a date after the biscuit firing that may be arranged – we have a planned glazing morning on Saturday November 24th which you might join (details on our one-day classes page) but if necessary we can arrange dates individually.  Alternatively you may choose a glaze in advance and for a small extra cost I can apply it for you myself. Once glazed, pots need to be refired and collected at a later date.

Contact us to book your place for this fun day!

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