Drawing: Points of View

Simplifying Perspective

DATE: Saturday 3rd November – 10am-4pm
PRICE: £55 per person per day (see below for more info and discount opportunity)

Perspective is the trick of making a two dimensional plane (ie the paper or canvas) look as though there is a three dimensional scene or object on it.

During the day we will learn about one, two and three point perspective; to represent distance and size difference with with the use of line, tone and foreshortening.  We shall also look at the work of both artists who abide by the rules of perspective as well as those who break those rules to create a desired mood or effect.

These relaxed themed and project-based classes are suitable for all levels from beginners up .  The emphasis is very much on learning through pleasure and on supporting each individual student in progressing at their own pace.

PRICE: £55 per person per day (all basic materials and processes included except where specified).
There is a £5 discount for any individual booking two days on the same weekend (NB this discount only applies if both days run)

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