Children’s Sessions

Children’s sessions:
In our studios we can offer one-to-one and group pottery sessions for up to 6 children with at least one accompanying responsible adult helper for every 1-3 children (ie for a group of 4-6 children we would require two accompanying supervisory adult helpers).

Children’s one-to-one sessions in our workshop cost from £35 per child per hour or 2:1 from £54 per hour (ie £27 per hour per child).
Group sessions for up to 6 children may be arranged at a cost of £210 for a 2 hour session.  (Very occasionally we may accommodate more than 6 children in which case there will be an additional cost of £35 per child for the 2 hour session)

We enjoy and have wide experience of working with children and find that children will get the most out of the sessions where the accompanying adults engage fully in supporting the children’s work and take responsibility for any pastoral and behavioural needs.  Our studios are designed for professional level art activities and therefore contain tools, materials and equipment which may be dangerous – parents should come in person to assess the safety of the environment and discuss any concerns with us prior to booking any event.

Please contact us to chat about what you have in mind.

NB for all privately arranged pottery activities, a first or biscuit firing of pots is usually included in the quoted price for one-off pottery workshops.  Glazing and re-firing where required will incur an extra cost and generally either an extra session may be booked for participants to carry this out in their choice of glazes or Fran may be booked to apply a clear transparent glaze on the participants’ behalf.

Due to increased demand for privately arranged and one-off classes in addition to the regular classes, Fran can not take responsibility for contacting each individual or group when work is ready, so to avoid disappointment, please ensure that you get in touch promptly to keep track of your work.

  • Please ensure that you discuss a likely collection date with Fran during your making session and make a diary note to get in touch at the appropriate time.
  • Please also make sure that your work is easily identifiable by initialling and dating it clearly and photographing it – you will be surprised how many people don’t recognise their own pots!
  • Once pots are fired ready for collection they will be kept for up to 3 months in the pottery before they are discarded – we are a very small workshop and do not have room to store uncollected work indefinitely.