Gift Vouchers

Personalised vouchers can make a very special gift and can usually be tailored to your wishes.

Gift vouchers may be for individuals, couples or for group activities.

  • Individual and couples gift vouchers are often made out for a given number of hours of private tuition with no specific date in mind so that the recipient(s) can get in touch with me to arrange the activity at a time to suit themselves.
    You may alternatively choose to pre-book a specific date, time and activity for your voucher.

  • Group vouchers are usually made out for a specific event planned in discussion with Fran.

  • You will find details of pricing etc for our tailor-made one-to-one and group classes here on our website

  • Activities may be technique or project driven – throwing on the wheel is often a favourite choice for couples and individuals while hand-building projects are usually the best choice for groups but it is always a good idea to chat with Fran in advance so that she can have a good understanding of what you would like to achieve and to help her to prepare for your session..

  • Vouchers may also be purchased to book a place on any of our programmed weekly or one-day courses so long as there is space available.

  • If you have any questions or would like to buy a voucher do please get in touch via the contact form

Once I know the details of your request I will send you our bank details for payment by bank transfer – as soon as payment is received into our account I will then email you a personalised printable gift voucher (for which I will also need to know the recipient’s name)