Studio Practicalities

Pottery workshopGarden Paths:
Our studios are located in the garden behind the house – students  enter through the side gate, via the lean-to utility room and down the garden path.
Please note that garden paths may be uneven and slippery and that there may be steps and thresholds to negotiate.  Please wear sensible non-slip flat footwear and let us know if you have any visual or mobility impairment so that we can be on hand to provide assistance should you need it.

Outdoor lighting:
Please note also that outdoor lighting is on a movement sensor and stays on for only a short time after movement has ceased… If you are visiting the 2D studio after dark, please let us know if you need assistance.

Workshops, tools, materials and equipment:
Our studios were originally created for individual artist practice, so there  is limited space for spreading out when classes are full.  In order make best use of the space, seating is on stackable wooden stools – please let us know if, however, you particularly require a chair with a back as it may sometimes be possible to arrange this.

Artists’ studios contain hazardous tools, materials and equipment – please ask for advice before handling any of these for the first time and follow guidance strictly to avoid risk of harm.  We must advise that food and drink should not be consumed in the work areas – we find, however, that our students do enjoy a teabreak and that they generally prefer to continue working with their drink – the kitchen is always available for you to take your break if you are concerned about this.

artists' dirty handsWhat to wear:
Art activities can be messy!  Please wear old clothes, and bring an apron and protective gloves if you need them (particularly for print-making).  You may find it helpful to tie back long hair, and please leave your jewellery and valuables at home.

You may find long fingernails an inconvenience, especially when working with clay.  Please tell us if you have any allergies which may be triggered by any art or other materials which may be in use in the workshops.

garden in winter The studios are in out-house buildings without central heating and the pottery workshop in particular has no insulation, so do please dress accordingly, wearing layers (and when necessary hats, scarves thick boots/socks and old coats!) so that you can work comfortably in hot and cold weather.

Painting and print-making studio What you need to bring:
Basic materials will be available and are largely included in the price but additional charges may be made for particular material and processing costs (eg firing of pots).

Students may like to bring along visual images to use as starting points for exploring the techniques that we cover – these may be photos, photocopies, news cuttings, magazine pictures or your own drawings or other materials.

As participants progress through their classes, we would encourage everyone to think about building their own tool-kit and basic resources and to keep a sketch and scrap book as a matter of good art practice.

Potters: Please note that while the foundation glaze (earthenware – 1040-1080 C) currently available in the studio may be used for foodware in its original clear transparent form, it has not been tested for food safety with the addition of the colouring oxides which give us the pretty range of around a dozen glazes that we use.  Also please note that these glazes have a tendency to craze prettily which means that the pots should not be placed directly on fine polished furniture if used to contain liquids as they may leave a damp mark on the polish.

NB  Please be sure to take your work home at the appropriate time.  We regret that work left in the studios for more than 3 months will be disposed of as we do not have space for unlimited storage.

Garden with pots

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