Private Tuition (1:1 & 2:1)

Treat yourself or someone you love to some tailor-made one-to-one or one-to-two tuition.

Whether your interest is primarily in having a one-off fun experience or in a desire to learn and refine pottery skills,  we can design a session around your own particular interests and level and have a lot of fun focusing on your own personal choice of activity and learning.

Activities: Making skills which you may like to try may be primarily focussed on throwing on the wheel or on one of the three basic hand-building techniques (pinching, coiling, slab work) or on our range of raw-clay surface decoration techniques (eg slip techniques, rolled clay inlay, surface texture).

It can be really useful to have a number of intensive one-to-one sessions  to tackle an area of particular personal interest or to work on something not normally covered in the group classes (eg throwing on the wheel).

Gift Vouchers: One or more sessions of private tuition can be a really special gift.  Contact me if you would like to buy a personalised printable gift voucher – you can book a specific occasion or the lucky recipient can get in touch to arrange a time to suit themselves.  (NB Gift vouchers must be used within 1 year of issue)

Cost: one to one tuition is priced at £40 per hour, and one-to-two tuition at £60 per hour (ie £30 pp).  We suggest sessions of at least 2 hours in order to get the best from your workshop.  For making workshops, the cost includes basic materials and processes including a first biscuit firing – see below for further information regarding glazing where required.

Glazing and refiring:

  • The glazing and re-firing of simple work with a clear transparent glaze can be arranged as an extra service if wanted.  This service costs £5 per pot.  If you would like to take advantage of this option, please ensure that you discuss this with Fran and pay for the service during your session.
  • Alternatively you may wish to explore the creative potential of our range of glazes by booking a further session to glaze the work for yourself.  Glazing sessions are priced per hour as above and as a rough guide, you are likely to need at least a one hour session to glaze the work produced in a 2 hour making session.

Due to increased demand for privately arranged and one-off classes in addition to the regular classes, Fran can not take responsibility for contacting each individual when work is ready, so to avoid disappointment, please ensure that you get in touch promptly to keep track of your work.

  • Please ensure that you discuss a likely collection date with Fran during your making session and make a diary note to get in touch at the appropriate time.
  • Please also make sure that your work is easily identifiable by initialling and dating it clearly and photographing it – you will be surprised how many people don’t recognise their own pots!
  • Once pots are fired ready for collection they will be kept for up to 3 months in the pottery before they are disposed of – we are a very small workshop and do not have room to store uncollected work indefinitely.